LIRP Email to Producers

Producer Email
Open HTML File
Download Fillable PDF
Suggested Subject Lines:
What happens when your client’s retirement plans don’t work as intended?
Is your client’s 401(k) or IRA working as intended?
Instructions for Sending an Email Using the HTML File:
To use in a standard email program, open the HTML file (by clicking the link above) in an internet browser. In that browser window, press <ctrl> or <cmd> + "a" to select all and then <ctrl> or <cmd> + "c" to copy the email images and text. Then, in your regular email program, compose a new message. In the body window of the new message press <ctrl> or <cmd> + "v" to paste in the email.
Customize your email by replacing the placeholder text (000-000-0000 and with your phone number and email address. Find a copy of your logo on a file on your computer or a web page. Right click on your logo and select "copy" then right click on the placeholder logo in your email message window and select "paste."
Type in the email address and the subject line. You are ready to send your email.