Online Calculators For A Variety of Needs
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Retirement Topics
Retirement Planner
Determine if your retirement plan
is on track »
Retirement Income
How much monthly income will
retirement savings provide »
Retirement Shortfall
Find a potential shortfall in your
current retirement savings plan »
RMD & Stretch IRA Calculator
Stretch out retirement plan
distributions for as long as possible
to avoid taxation »
72(t) Calculator
Determine the amount of
penalty-free, early withdrawals you
can take from retirement accounts »
Social Security Benefits
Estimate Social Security benefits »
72(t) Distribution Impact
The effects of taking early distributions
on retirement balances »
Beneficiary Required
Minimum Distributions

RMD calculation for the retirement
account beneficiary »
Required Minimum
Distribution (RMD)

RMD calculations for an account
owner over time »
Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for Current Year
RMD calculations for an account
owner for the current year »
Caring for Family Topics
Life Insurance Needs Analysis Worksheet
Calculates how much life insurance is needed »
Life Insurance for Income Replacement Worksheet
Determine the amount of insurance needed to
replace income »
Life Insurance Calculator
Calculates how much life insurance is needed »
Estate Tax Planning
Estimate estate tax liability »
Lifetime of Income Estimator
Simple calculation to determine replacement income »
Student Budget
Help college students understand
expenses and income »
Long Term Care Calculator
Checks financial readiness for this
impending expense »
Small Business Owner Topics
Amortizing Loan Calculator
Choose between calculating loan payments
or loan amount »
Investment Loan
Effect of using a loan to purchase an investment or
appreciable asset »
Business Valuation - Discounted Cash Flow
The Net Present Value of a business and illustrates
projected growth »
Equipment Buy vs. Lease
Compares leasing versus financing/buying equipment »
Financial Ratios
Several business factors, such as solvency, liquidity,
operational efficiency and profitability »
Managing Assets
Basic Financial Calculator
Can handle a range of time-
value-of-money calculations »
Flexible Spending Account
(FSA) Calculator

Impact of FSA on taxes and
take home pay »
Home Budget Analysis
Analyze a personal budget »
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Savings Calculator

How much a HSA will be
worth over time »
Mortgage Loan Calculator
Determine monthly payment and
amortization schedule »
Mortgage Loan Calculator (PITI)
Determine principal, interest, taxes
and insurance payment (PITI) and
amortization schedule »
Net Worth
Determine net worth and estimate
how it will grow/shrink over the
next ten years »
Savings Plan
See how much postponing a
savings plan can really cost »
Asset Allocation Calculator
Calculate a desirable mix of stocks,
bonds and cash »
401(k) Savings with Profit Sharing
How a 401(k) plan can help save
for retirement »
Home Equity Loan vs. Auto Loan
Which makes sense for next
car purchase »
Lease vs. Buy
Compare leasing versus
purchasing a car »
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