61% of Americans surveyed said they are more scared of outliving their retirement than they are of death(1)
Does your client have enough money
for retirement?
With more and more Americans spending 20+ years in
retirement, 50% of households are at risk of seeing their
standard of living decline during those years. With
helpful stats available on longevity, retirement and the
prevalence of chronic illnesses in America, you can help
raise your clients’ awareness of this important issue.
America General can help protect retirement assets
from these problems with life insurance you don’t have
to die to use. Check out
Asset Protector available on
Secure Lifetime GUL 3 and Value+ Protector.


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1. The 2Q11 SunAmerica Retirement Reset(SM) Study conducted by Harris Interactive surveyed a national sample
of people age 55+.

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