50% of Households Risk Their Standard
of Living Declining During Retirement
Will your clients have enough money for retirement?

Did you know?

More Americans are spending 20+ years in retirement.¹
61% of Americans surveyed said they are more scared
of outliving their retirement than they are of death.²
Asset Protector makes it possible for consumers to use their life insurance benefits while they are still living to help them meet life’s challenges. That’s life insurance you don’t have to die to use.  
We’ve prepared an entire suite of producer and consumer materials, plus a website to help you identify who could benefit from this innovative life insurance, how to address clients’ needs, and how to position this product line. Your clients are living longer, American General can help them retire stronger. Find out more:  
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Let's talk. Contact: 000-000-0000, name@company.com, or visit RetireStronger.com.  
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1. Social Security Administration Data
2. The 2Q11 SunAmerica Retirement Reset(SM) Study conducted by Harris Interactive surveyed a national
sample of people age 55+.

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